Recent films include the twice nominated ‘Hunt for Tony Blair’ (2011) (BAFTA and British Comedy Award) and ‘Five Go To Rehab ’. (2012) 

Peter Richardson’s first feature film was ‘The Supergrass’ (1985) which was a hit in the UK. Richardson followed this up with the 1987 film ‘Eat the Rich’, written by himself and Pete Richens, about a gay waiter at an exclusive restaurant called Bastard's, who stages a rebellion against the government. Vincent Canby in the New York Times drew comparisons to "an upscale John Waters satire".

In 1991 Richardson co-wrote and directed ‘The Pope Must Die(t)’ starring Robbie Coltrane and Adrian Edmondson along with Herbert Lom and Paul Bartel.

In 2004 Richardson returned to the big screen, directing Christian Slater and Neve Campbell in ‘Churchill: The Hollywood Years’. It also featured Anthony Sher, Miranda Richardson and a host of British comedy talent including Harry Enfield, Leslie Phillips, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Rik Mayall and Mackenzie Crook (the Office).

The same year Richardson released a movie version of his popular television series Stella Street. ‘Stella Street,’ screened at the US Comedy Arts Film Festival in Aspen and took best Acting Awards for the film’s stars and co-writers John Sessions and Phil Cornwell. Described by the Observer as a “masterpiece”.

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